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Weekend Throwing
Taster Class

Weekend Throwing Taster Class

£60-£75 per person

Join us for a 2-hour introduction to throwing on the wheel, perfect for complete beginners or for those needing a refresher. Our skilled tutor will guide you through the basics of making pottery on the wheel, including wedging, centering and pulling up the walls to make basic forms, cylinders, bowls or cups. With a maximum class size of four participants you will always receive individualised instruction and come away with in-depth knowledge of an amazing craft. 

Friday evening 6-8pm

Saturdays and Sundays 

10-12pm // 1-3pm // 4-6pm 

To see space availability, first Select Time.

Number of tickets drop-down will then show available spaces.

If your selected time does not show the correct number for your group you will need to select a different day/time. 

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At Columbia Road Clay we consider every aspect of making, including minimising energy and material waste in our studio. We implement methodologies that minimise waste and water usage and use low-fire clays that require significantly less energy to fire. To further our environmentally-conscious studio practices we are now offering two ticket options:

£60 ticket

An experience-focused class, the most environmentally-friendly option. For those who just want to have fun making a pot but don't want it fired. Not sure? Don’t worry. If you decide you’d like to keep your pots the day of, the £15 per person firing and shipping fee can be paid at the end of the class. 

£75 ticket

The studio will finish and fire your lovely pots made in class and then ship them to you! This option is perfect for those who definitely want a sweet memento of their throwing experience. Best of all, we’ll ship it to you so no need to worry about travelling back to the studio to collect. We ship our pots using the most eco-conscious delivery available with recyclable packing material. Please give us ~3 weeks to glaze and fire your lovely pots. 

Thank you for helping us further our sustainable studio practices!

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